Naturist Male Massage offer a naturist massage service to Manchester Guys. We are looking for new talent to join us to serve our ever growing client base. You don’t necessarily need to have a background in Massage, just a willingness to learn and an open mind.

Whilst we are currently the number one Manchester site, our traffic is nationwide and we are working on increasing traffic all over the UK, so we are now looking for one or two great guys in other cities to service these clients.

I am currently looking for a guy to work from our Manchester city centre studio – and also homeworkers UK WIDE.

If you are already working as a Naturist Massage Therapist please click here.

But If you are new to it all… this

Manchester applicants have the potential to work from our rooms, but from other cities you need to either work from home or find a therapy room to rent (can advice on this if need be.)

Straight, Bi, Gay, Massage Qualified or just looking for a change……

……let’s jump straight in with 10 reasons why you should join us.

  1. Your diary will be crazy busy. This website is ranked top 3 with most of the major search engines for all the relevant search terms of people wanting a massage in Manchester. On top of this organic free traffic we will spend another £200 per month on advertising for every new guy that joins us, so if somebody is looking for a massage in Manchester, you will be seen for sure.
  2. No Client Contact. Most freelance massage therapist waste more time trying to book in clients rather than actually providing a great massage. Our booking process is fully automated, so you are only working when you are being paid to. Refreshing huh? Your client will be provided with a temporary disposable number to inform you of lateness or if they get lost, after that, you only hear from them again if they book you again. Saves having to be “text mates” with every client you see.
  3. Completely flexible hours. We require you to open up your diary for at least 80 hours a month (to ensure the money we spend on your marketing pays off), but other than that you are free to work as and when you want to. Obviously, take as many holidays as you like just let us know a little in advance!
  4. Safety in numbers. The database you join is from Kevins 4 years of hard work, so he has already blocked and weeded out 100s of the time wasters and unsavory clients. Working collectively, you will receive the quality clients that we all know and trust.
  5. Free profiles. We will market you on all the best sites such as Manchester Lads, SleepyBoys, Rentmen + many more….. You will have several profiles live at once, that will divert to this site for clients to book. You will rotate on different ad-hoc additional sites too, so that you are always fresh on different ones. We pay for the profiles so there is no wasted money or risk from you.
  6. Rebound Marketing. So a repeat client of Roys tries to book him, sees from the online diary that he is not available, and whilst online and ready to book, he books you instead. Clients also have the option to select “Any Available Masseur”, meaning if your diary is open, it is highly likely getting filled.
  7. Email list. In addition to our free organic traffic and us paying for your profiles, you also benefit from our 5000 strong email list to market yourself and my 6500 twitter follows. Once we have a few more guys on board I am also going to start newspaper ads.
  8. Low cost. Obviously, I can’t do all this for free but the fees are extremely reasonable and I assure you, in the long run you will earn more for working less. Work Smart not Hard guys.
  9. City Centre Studio use. Power cut? Building works? No need to miss a days pay, come and work from our city centre massage studio.
  10. Ongoing training and be part of a team. I know from experience working at home as a masseur can be a lonely occupation, we will work together as part of a team with ongoing training and events to keep things exciting and interesting.
  11. Be Part Of A Great Team with Monthly Nights out and a friendly whatsapp group not just left alone ever!

Don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before, we have a great structure to get you started.

Want to know more? Send me an email to arrange an informal chat.