Welcome to Bangkok – Day 1!!

Aaaah – landing in Bangkok is becoming to feel like coming to my second home. Well maybe third home (after Madrid). The long ass flight didn’t feel as long as it usually does, mainly due to being with my bezzy buddy (who has asked to be anon and not featured in this blog, telling you in case you wonder why I am solo in all my pics haha).

I am currently FUCKING KNACKERED. As you can see how shit I look on the pic above, I didn’t manage to sleep the night before we travelled (not insomnia, partying), then I couldn’t sleep on the flight and 36 hours later in Bangkok, I still haven’t slept. The first time I came to Thailand 10 years ago you could just pop into the pharmacy and get a sleeping pill to knock you out, but they clamped down on that so now I just have to wait until my body gives up and lets me sleep.

We flew Qatar, first time using them, bar staff, sorry cabin crew pulled their face every time you asked for anything so I wouldn’t use again. Bit then again it was nice to arrive in Bangkok sober for a change with the restrictive service haha. I took time out for a flight cock selfy to share, thinking of the UNREAL AMOUNT of people that have subscribed to the this mini blog (lost count now but almost 100, and pretty sure mainly for these pics haha….


We haven’t really done much so far, but it feels great knowing that we are in Bangkok for two weeks so there is no rush to do so. On previous visits I have usually only done a few days here, and had to rush around trying to cram things in. We landed, checked-in, tried to sleep, gave up and went out for a good old wander.

We ate delicious pancakes from street sellers with chocolate and banana (cost about 40p each) – and ate them whilst admiring the rats, chase away the cats (no joke the rats are huge and fucking scary).

Today has been spent chilling and eating and drinking, then chilling then eating. I did squeeze in an hours work. Met a lovely Thai guy and our time together was intense (I hadn’t had a release for 2 days and that is quite rare for me, so passion was on 100%). I don’t really like working on a bed, you get a much better service all round for massage on a massage table, but to be honest this session was more escort than massage and we both enjoyed a lot. I did try to set the scene as much as I could.

My plan wasn’t to work on this holiday, but then I thought what is an hour out of my day every day to pay for the trip, and it saves having to wank hahaha. Being a white westerner I am very much in demand here, but I will stick to my rule of one per day, and if any are open enough for a pic or vid of course I will share.

Having still not slept, and also having had a beer or two, this first post is just to let you know I haven’t forgotten I have to share a few pics with you of my time here, I am here for another 4 weeks so expect me to do your head in with posts once I am bored of being on holiday hahaha.

I write this by the pool with a beer in 35 degree heat – my anon mate will be my photographer.


And has promised the unpixelated bathrobe selfi xxxx