Walk-in (Manchester Shop)

We appreciate that even though we are 100% discreet with your contact details when you book, some guys just don’t feel comfortable giving them to make a booking.

You are welcome to make your way to Shudehill (M4 4AA) and then use our online chat function at the site footer, to ask if anybody free immediately.

We will check the diary and let you know.

We cannot guarantee that there will be somebody available and you may not have a choice of whom you see. We can also not guarantee that there will be a chat agent available to check.

Even if you are a previous client, please use the chat function rather than just going straight to the shop as it could cause us problems with the shop owner.

This is mainly for guys who may be passing and fancy a massage but not want to give details.

We are just trying to cater to all and giving you as much flexibility to enjoy our service as possible.