Roy’s First Blog Post

Roy has been with us a few months, so we had a catch up with him to see how he is finding the role so far. As you can see from his profile reviews – our clients love him, but what does he think of them?


What do you enjoy most about being a masseur?


Roy – I enjoy the flexibility, being able to work when I want means I have time to carry on with my hobbies and go out with friends. I really like meeting new people as well, being able to hear stories and just generally learn about people is something which I truly appreciate!


What has been your worst experience so far?


Probably the recent summer weather! It’s not uncomfortable level heat, but it just means that I have to spray the room every so often so that the smell of sweat doesn’t take over haha!


What makes a good client for you?


Someone who is respectful, but isn’t afraid to ask questions, have a nice chat and just generally make the mood nice and chilled. As I’ve said before, I really like finding out about people, so if I can hold a conversation with you whilst giving you an amazing massage it’s a win-win. If a client doesn’t want to chat that is cool though it allows me to focus on the massage and I appreciate some guys have busy jobs and just want to zone out.


What makes a bad client?


I don’t tend to have bad clients but they do exist, if you’re coming, just to try and fondle or grope without having the courtesy to ask, then I’d put you in the category of “bad client” it’s more difficult to be a bad client than a good one – just have respect and you’re all set!


What has surprised you the most?

How nice the clients are! When I started I was really nervous but the amount of great people I have met has shocked me. I thought it would be really awkward and difficult to get on with people but I couldn’t have been more wrong.