My grindr fun last night (fuck nonfiction)

Last night lay in bed, I decided that I haven’t been having enough fun with locals on this trip so decided to log on to Grindr to see what was about. I had not long sorted myself out, so wasn’t especially horny, but was worth a gander.

I received a message from Brian, and thought he looked kinda cute so invited him to my room. In true Thai style there was no fucking about, just the usual arranging of the location and position, of the bed and in the bed.

Whilst in my early years of gay sex I was always a bottom, mainly due to laziness rather than having found my preference from trying both, these days I am most definitely a top. I was in luck as Brian was certainly a bottom. It is always a giveaway when they send you a pic of their ass.

Brian said he would be about 20 minutes as he would have to walk. I sensed it was a hint for me to pay for a taxi but I wasn’t feeling generous (or perhaps horny enough). Whilst waiting I decided to have a little play just to make sure that he was fully functional. I am not one of those that can go and go and go, and it had been less that 2 hours since I came. The test results were positive, I was nice and hard.

When I opened the door to Brian there wasn’t an instant attraction to him, he looked exactly like his photos, but he had a submissive aura about him, and I prefer a more confident masculine guy.  His English wasn’t quite there, but I gathered that he trying to tell me that he was shy can I turn the lights down.

He took himself to the bathroom, I lay waiting on the bed in just my boxers, semi on, not particularly excited for the action, but ready to go through with the deed. Next thing, I hear the shower go. It made me laugh a little, it’s great that he wants to ensure he is clean for me but I found it a little strange that he just headed straight for it without asking. Or maybe he was saying shower not shy now I come to think of it, but he definitely asked for the lights to be dimmed.

He dried himself down and came to bed. He went straight in for a nipple suck. If you haven’t noticed by now I am shocked, but I have fairly big nips. ‘Burger Nips’ my mate used to call me in college, and a lot of guys have a thing for nipples. Brian was clearly one of these.

He slowly licked and tasted each nipple, one at a time. This went on for quite a while, so I progressed things with playing with my own cock and growing from semi to full on hard.

I wanted my cock sucked, so taking advantage of his submissive nature, I pushed his head down to my cock. I fucking hate it when guys try and do that to me, but he was obedient and started to suck. I am a bit of a blowjob connaisseur, I know a good one when I feel one, and this was probably the best I have had from a Thai Guy. A lot of them treat your cock like a chupa chup and it’s not a good look or very pleasing.

After a while of giving a good suck and me moaning very loudly (payback for the shit music neighbours), I could see that he was attempting to, how do I put this, fit it all in? After a few good attempts and some loud choking noises, he realised it wasn’t going to happen. It was probably bigger than his head. So he continued to suck in a way that was enjoyable rather than record breaking.

As he was sucking I spit a little on my fingers and had a play with his hole. I have been struggling to find a Thai that is up for being topped by me, they say they are up for it but then back out when it is in front of them. Fingering his hole I could feel that I wasn’t going to have any issues here. His ass invited my fingers in, but it was begging for something more substantial.

He flipped himself over and got on all fours, his smooth cute ass in the air. He politely requested, ‘condom if you like, do you have?’. Of course I had, so I popped one out and had the usual struggle to get it on. Thai condoms are so damn tight. Fucks chance of gently rolling it down, like they teach you to in school on a banana, it’s a case of stretching as far as you can and whamming it down as quick as you can. I hate condoms, I must look up where to get Prep in Bangkok.

I was stood up with him on all fours still on the bed. I love fucking stood up but sometimes it just takes me forever to shoot stood up. I can manage it when fucking but having a wank stood up is a fruitless task for me

Considering that we didn’t use any lube and we was still working on the spit I used before, it went in without any fuss, and I fucked away. His groaning sounded that of pleasure not pain, but from previous experience I don’t always guess the tune correctly in this situation.

I fucked him for quite a while, probably due to being stood up I had complete control over when it ended, so when I felt like I had given him enough of my cock I decided to shoot. It wasn’t the most explosive of finales but that was probably down to such a small window since the last occasion.

I went to the bathroom, was about to put the condom down the toilet, but then I remembered the toilets here can’t even handle toilet paper so probably best not to, so I placed it on the side next to the sink, and made a mental note to bin it later.

I made my way back to the bed, only fair I finish Brian off I thought. He was lay there waiting for me. I think he was hinting for me to suck him off, but after I have cum I can’t think of anything worse so I just had a play. After a minute he said, ‘me not cum’, so I got dressed whilst he showered. Nice easy job for me.

We had a little chat afterwards, he was a sweet guy but his English level not good enough for any decent conversation. He told me he was 30 (he looked about 20) and that he was going to a place called Chiang Dao tomorrow. We had a little kiss and off he went.

I went to move the condom, but it had already gone! Not sure if he put down the toilet or took it with him for a little souvenir.

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