Hotel Visit Confirmation

Thank you for booking

Thank you for booking me for a massage to your hotel room. If you haven’t done so already – please let me know the name of your hotel.

I will message you on arrival to the lobby – if I am able to get straight to the room without a keycard you are welcome to text me the room number and I will meet you directly there – otherwise please be ready to come and collect me from the lobby area.

You can contact me via text +447784782222 or email

Please arrange a towel on the bed to prevent oil on the bedding.

What now?

First, check your booking details are correct, especially date and time. If you didn’t pay your £20 deposit when booking please do so now using the details below.


Then what?

Absolutely nothing!!!. I do not need any further confirmation from you that you are still coming (just cancel if you are not), and please, I don’t want any requests from you to check if the appointment is still on.

I am super reliable if you have a booking – it is in my diary and I will be there as arranged.


You can pay cash (exact money only please as I don’t carry change), or card (3% card charge and please let me know in advance so I can bring my card reader, it shows on your statement just as my initials so discreet), or alternatively via one of the methods below. Hotel bookings can use the details below to pay a minimum deposit of £2o or full payment.

Bank Transfer: 04-00-04 / 35032417  (Please mobile number or booking code on your confirmation email as the reference)


Refund & Cancellation Policy.

Hotel booking deposits are non-refundable (as they block a big chunk of my diary) – if you have paid in full you will receive a refund minus the £20 deposit.