Gay Massage FAQ

How much is a gay massage?

All of the male masseurs on this site are completely independent and just use our website traffic to advertise their profiles. They set their own rates, please contact them to discuss the rate of their gay massage service. Gay Massage rates can vary considerably dependent on where the masseur is located, their experience & also how much in demand they are. As a rough guide, in Manchester you can expect to pay around £60 for a one hour sensual massage (not sex, not escort). In London this increased to around £100 on average but then you will find some of the guys on Naturist Male Massage are much less / much more expensive. Each profile page as a rought price guide for incall and outcall – but please confirm with the masseur the actual price for the specific level of service that you require.

Will the masseur climax?

As a rule of thumb, no your masseur will not climax as part of a gay massage. The focus of the service is for you to relax, chill out and enjoy the ride.

However, some of our masseurs may be open to discussing this with you – expect for the rate to be different.

Also, our massage therapists are only human, things can obviously happen not in the rule book 😉

Can I catch an STI from a gay massage?

A massage that is carried out just using the hands carries no risk of catching HIV or any other STI.

A gay sensual massage is the safest way to explore male to male sensuality without putting your health at risk.

Obviously if you are engaging in a full escort service or your gay massage advances into other activities that are not just using the hands, then you need to take safe sex precautions and this is your responsibilty.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Generally speaking if you are booking your massage for an incall (at the masseurs home or massage room), then you will not need to pay a deposit. The majority of masseurs if booked for an outcall (the masseur comes to you), will request that you pay a deposit. This deposit acts as a security measure to protect the masseur from time wasters or dangerous clients.

If you have any issues witth a masseur not honouring your booking after paying a deposit, please get in touch to see if we can help resolve.

Does it matter if I am overweight?

Naturist Male Massage believe that gay massage should be available to everybody without any discrimination. If you are refused a booking based on appearance, please let us know and we will investigate and take appropriate action.

Gay Masseurs are open minded and non judgemental, otherwise they wouldn’t be in the profession – we ask you to not be concerned about your body weight. Arrival clean to your appointment and be respectful, and you will receive an excellent service.


Will my masseur be naked?

If you book a Naturist Sensual Massage with any of our male massage therapists, you will both be naked. Other types of massage may require you to pay a premium for the masseur to join you naked.

If you are having a professional massage, it maybe that your therapist keeps your private parts covered throughout the massage.

Our naturist sensual massage is for those that like to benefit from the massage in a full naturism environment to enhance the overall massage experience.

Many clients once they have experienced a massage where they get to see the therapist naked, will never go back to a dressed masseur again!

Does gay massage include sex?

There are many different types of Gay Massage, some of them of a sensual nature that may result in the client climaxing.

However, there is a difference between a Gay / Male to Male Massage & Full Escort Service.

Gay massage comes with boundaries and the focus is for you to relax and let the male masseur take you on a wonderful journey of relaxation and sensuality.

If you are looking to remove the boundaries then it is likely that you are looking for a gay escort rather than a male masseur.

Can I touch the masseur?

This will all depend on the type of massage you book and is always at the discretion on the individual masseur. Our massage therapists are open minded but please do not accept it as a given right for your hands to wander!

You will actually find your personal enjoyment of your massage is much higher if you just relax and let the masseur take you on a massage journey to remember.

If mutual touch is important to you, expect to pay a higher rate for a body to body or full escort service.

If you become a reguluar client of one of the guys, it is likely that you will build up rapport and get to know what the boundaries are.


Do you offer discretion?

We fully appreciate that 99% of men that are booking a gay / male to male massage require the upmost of discretion. Any masseur found to not offering 100% discretion will be removed from our advertising platform.

Many of our clients like to use whatsapp to arrange their booking, and they can block/unblock as needed to speak to the masseur.

If you ever experience any problems with and of the masseurs advertised on this site, please email to let us know.


Where are you located?

We offer gay massage all over the UK, with a great choice of masseurs in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasglow and a growing selection of masseurs joining us all of the time.

Most of our masseurs work from home and/or offer outcall to your place of residence.

Hotel Visits are available in most major UK cities.

How do I make a special request?

We would recommend first arranging your booking, then once confirmed tell your masseur on arrival of any massage preferences that you may have. Please note that whilst special requests will always tried to be honoured, our masseurs do have the right to refuse any requests that cause them to feel uncomfortable.

Common Gay Massage Requests include:

  • Body parts to avoid massaging (example feet/head)
  • Body parts to pay more attention to (example more massage time on back)
  • Type of massage oil to be used (in case of allergies etc)
  • A shower before or after your massage
  • Room to be warmer

Generally speaking, you are not able to make any sexual requests for a massage service unless you are paying full escort price.

What types of massage do you offer?

There are lots of different styles of massage and each of our male masseurs will bring something unique to the party. As a rough guide here are some of the types of gay massage that are on offer:

Naturist Sensual Massage – the most popular of all of the gay massages, a male to male naturist massage with a sensual finish.

Swedish Massage – A professional relaxing male to male massage.

Sports Massage – a massage to treat sports issues and to improve sports performance.

Body to Body – A naturist male to male massage where the masseur uses their whole body not just their hands. A very intimate experience.

If none of these types of massage are the style that you are hoping for, simply contact your preferred masseur and ask them if they can tailor the service to something that would be suitable for your needs.

Our massage guys are all very open minded, we aim to deliver the best service!


Are your massage guys qualified?

We welcome any guy with a professional attitude and great customer feedback to advertise on Naturist Male Massage. A good proportion of our guys that advertise have a professional massage qualification, whilst some are just keen amateurs. Our qualified masseurs will always mention about their qualifications in their massage profile texts, so have a browse through the site to find your perfect masseur.

We monitor the client feedback to ensure that anyone that is advertising they offer massage, can provide a good quality massage. Any masseurs that do not provide a good quality massage will be removed from the site.1

We find that some unqualified guys just have the magic touch and that is why we do not discriminate against them!

If you are looking for a massage to treat an injury or specific problem, always ensure you book one of our massage guys that does have a qualification and insurance.


How do I book my gay massage?

Naturist Male Massage are an advertising platform for male masseurs, we are not a gay massage agency. Therefore to book your massage we kindly request that you contact your masseur direct and arrange it with them.

All of our masseurs have their contact details listed on their profiles, simply contact them to arrange your booking.

We highly recommend that you are direct and straightforward to get the best response from them. Text/call your masseur with the date/time/duration/service and agree the booking.

Whilst there is the option to contact our guys via a contact form on their profiles, we have issues with these messages getting sent to Spam in their email so it is much better that you call or text.

Our guys welcome advance booking for your massage service, as well as last minute bookings if they have availability.

What is a Gay Massage?

A gay massage is just another term for “male to male” massage and it does not require either the masseur or the client to be gay. Whilst you browse the gay masseurs available at Naturist Male Massage you will find that we welcome male masseurs gay, straight, bi & trans. You do not need to be gay to enjoy a gay massage, you may just be curious to the experience or like to experiment.

A gay massage is a wonderful experience and we believe that every guy should try it at least once in life, if you don’t enjoy it there is no need for anybody to know is there?


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