First of many massages of my trip

I have finally adjusted to the time zone and I’m feeling much less of a walking zombie. Since my last post had around 50 additional subscribers to this mini blog, still get astounded every time I receive another. Had quite a few lady subscribers, little surprised but all welcome!!

We spent Saturday night wandering around China Town, eating lots of dishes that were extremely cheap, tasty and hopefully not dog (it certainly didn’t taste like Chicken.) If I was an experienced blogger, I would follow that statement with some lovely pics of the food we tried, but I forgot to take pics because old habits die hard and I am not much of a natural pic taker. I promise to improve on this. I did manage to take a picture of a lovely temple in China town, and the google stylized version in impressive.

And here is a little pic of China town so you get the general idea, as you know China Towns are pretty much when you have been to one you have been to them all, but it’s still worth a visit in Bangkok for the buzz of busy crowds and the cheap and tasty street food.

Yesterday I went for my first massage of the trip. We found a lovely Spa/Hammam place a few minutes walk from the hotel, double the price of everywhere else but still a fraction of the cost of a massage at home. A 90 minute Massage & Facial cost 1000 thb – which equates to around £22. Not bad hey!!! To be completely honest I didn’t really fully enjoy the service as my masseuse had too much of a soft touch and I’m really ticklish, she wasn’t getting the hint as I was flinching here there and everywhere, she just had a little giggle in true Thai Style.

Here are the pics from the SPA – I think you will especially enjoy the hideous see through knickers picture, I might start making you wear them when you come to visit me !!!

PS – don’t want to post this next pic but as promised, topless gym session. Face is horrid.


Just off now to visit a client in a plush hotel round the corner from mine – I will let you know how I get on. I am receiving 20+ messages a day requesting a visit, it is becoming quite stressful, and having gained shit loads of subscribers to this blog I feel more committed to it than I wanted to, the plan was just a few pics and comments here and there for my repeat client not a mass following haha.

So with that in mind, I will let you know now it will just be a post similar to this every few days with a few pics and at least one xxx pic – if that is’t what you signed up for let me know now and I am happy to refund and cancel your sub.

Much love all


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