Yes, I can travel to your home or hotel room, I can meet nationwide. I may require a deposit when travelling.

Yes, in order to book you have to get in touch with me, up to you if you want to use mobile or email.

My mobile is 07752145316

My email is roccoveneziani@gmail.com

I will always respect your privacy and will never contact you first.

I always try to be flexible and not watch the clock, but I may be on a tight schedule so please respect the fact that the time you reserve is the total appointment time, including getting changed, and shower (if required).

30 mins – If you’re in a rush and this is all the time you have; it goes much quicker than you think!
60 mins – If your main focus is the sensual side
90 mins – If your goal is a long, relaxing experience and feel rejuvenated

Yes, you’re welcome to shower before or after the treatment; clean, fluffy towels will be provided and I always ensure a high standard of hygiene is maintained throughout my apartment.
Just bear in mind, the shower may take up part of your session, depending on my schedule.
Mention it in advance and I can plan accordingly.

Naturist – if your main focus is relaxation, then go for the naturist option. This is a full body massage performed with my hands, I will target every part of your body (excluding feet) or you can select specific areas to work on. I can adjust the pressure if you require a deeper tissue massage or a light, soft touch.

Body to Body – This is a massage performed with my body, I will press against your naked flesh with my pecs, core, legs, arms. It’s a much more sensual experience with deeper exploration of your body and I recommend it if your main focus is the sensual side. It includes showering together.

Yes, mutual touch is allowed; I recommend you to lie back and relax, and towards the end, if you feel like, touch me.

You will receive 100% discretion from me, I will never call or text you unless you do so first.

Whilst in the heart of the city centre of Manchester, my private apartment offers discretion and privacy.

I’m available to meet Mon to Sun, from 6am to midnight. Short notice is usually welcome, although I suggest to arrange at least 2 hours in advance if you’re looking to meet after 7pm, and 24h notice if you want to come between 6am and 9am. Best time for a session is usually morning/lunch time.

I don’t negotiate my rates, but I have discounts for regular clients.

I’m very open minded, if you have any particular requests or fantasies just let me know.

Yes, I get tested every month, take PREP and have been vaccinated against Hepatitis A/B and HPV.
Should we mutually decide on taking things further than massage, I always take precautions on safe sex.

Send me a text or email to inform me about the cancellation/changes and I’ll plan accordingly. Please let me know in advance if you cannot make it.

I offer my services to everyone without judgment, all I ask is that you arrive clean and be respectful.

Please check my rates page.

Incall – Book online hereDue to insurance reasons, I am unable to take phone bookings. It would mean filling in lots of forms on arrival, so to save us both time, best that you book and accept booking conditions online.

Outcall – Contact meOutcall bookings are not covered by insurance.

Yes, both of us will be naked throughout the session.