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We are not an agency, all of our guys are independent, but should you have feedback that you feel useful for other clients, please contact book@naturistmalemassage.com

We may not necessarily respond to your complaint directly,  but we take pride in only advertising the best naturist male to male massage guys, so if a particular complaint is made repeatedly, we will remove the masseur from the site.

We are no longer an agency (just a directory) – so our previous “promise to not disappoint” discount scheme is no longer valid.

This is our most asked question, and it’s a tricky one to answer. If I asked you if you, are in the mood for mutual touch with a stranger next Wed at 1500, you too, probably wouldn’t yet know the answer. We are not escorts, hence the much lower price, you are paying to receive a pleasurable massage, not give any pleasure.

Our guys are not prudes and will often allow some touch, but always ask first and please do not always expect it as a given right.

You will receive 100% discretion from us, and we expect the same from you. If you are booking one of our city centre guys, the place we work from although city centre is discreet.

We recommend booking your naturist massage as soon as possible but no more than 14 days in advance.

Still feel free to contact/check online diary last minute if we are available.

Our massage guys may offer discounts from time to time, please join our mailing list in the footer to keep up-to-date, or check their individual blog pages for current offers.

You are able to make any special requests when you book.

Typical requests include body parts to avoid/spend more time on or preference such as music type or no talking.


It is to give you an idea of the level of sensuality to roughly expect. Please take this guide with a pinch of salt and do not use it to decide on a therapist. Generally, the lower scores (1-3) are guys that are either straight on partnered, and the higher rating (4-5) are single gay guys that may be open to pleasing you more sensually (non charged for and by mutual consent only).

Our service is massage so it does not carry a risk of STI/STD infection.

Should you and your therapist mutually decide on taking things further than massage, this is via your mutual agreement, will not be charged for and you should take usual precautions on safe sex.

Please contact your masseur to arrange any changes, you will find their contact details on their profile page.


We offer our services to everyone without judgment, all we ask is you arrive super clean (or request a shower if not) and be respectful.

Please check individual pages to get the rates for the services.

Our rates may change at any time according to demand but the rate online when you make the booking is guaranteed.

Obviously, our guys also welcome tips and will be grateful and show appreciation for them.

We do not offer a sexual service and the boundaries are set by the individual therapist on the day, so we can not respond to any “how much touch allowed” questions.

Please check individual profile pages for the best way to book.

Many of our guys offer online booking with instant confirmation.

If you are booking last minute, please ensure that can get to the postcode listed on the profile in time. Postcodes are on each individual therapists page.




Of course – both you and your guy will be naked, we are a naturist massage specialist.

If you prefer your guy to just wear boxers/briefs instead please mention in the requests when you book.

We do not take any other “what to wear” requests.