My First gay Massage in manchester

My First gay Massage in manchester

I was worn out from a hard weeks work. At last my construction business was picking up, only I had some bills and didn’t want to take on adding an employee. My first goal was to dig out of this hole then I would worry about expanding my business. So, that meant that I had to help pitch in and do some of the constructions.

After a couples weeks of hard labor, heavy lifting, this and that, well my body wasn’t ready for that type of torture. Guess you can say that I became soft and so weak on the business side of things that the heaviest thing I had to lift was a pen. My body defiantly was feeling the strain. I needed a massage to relieve the knots and kinks. However I had no idea where I could find a massage in Manchester. Sure we had massage parlors but I think they are a front for prostitution, not sure why I feel that way.

Anyway later that evening I was surfing the net looking when I came across an advertisement for Kevin’s male massage, based in Manchester. I clicked on the link and was pleasantly surprised at how professional the service looked. Maybe this was the right solution for my needs? The next morning I contacted Kevin and set up an appointment for the following day. I was still sore and needed relief.

Finally the big day for my massage, I haven’t had a massage in ten years, how sad is that? Arriving on time, I arrived at Kevin’s house, and immediately felt relaxed and at home. I was greeted with a glass of iced water and lemon, then shown upstairs to his massage room. The room was spacious and tranquil.

Kevin left me to undress and get myself comfortable on his massage table.

Before long a he entered and got to work, tranquil Ibiza style chill out tunes played in the background. He started to apply warm lotion on my back. His hands were small but strong and he found all the right spots. He started with my back and covered every inch; I could feel the tensions leaving my body.

After only ten minutes I was putty in his hands. The stresses of my job left my mind. I could feel my body starting to feel human again. Everything was perfect, I thought it doesn’t get any better than this? Then I felt it, my hands were at my sides and turned slightly up, and he leaned against the table to reach a spot on my opposite side and placed his cock right in my hand. He was wearing a thin pair of CK boxer shorts and no top so it left little to the imagination! I was frozen. I didn’t react at all just let things happen. Never in my life did I ever consider myself to be gay, or even bisexual, but this started to arouse me. Maybe it was the massage but I was turned me on.
He continued the massage and was now on my opposite side and then he did it again leaning in so his cock was in my other hand. Was it accidental or intentional?

I could feel my own cock becoming hard as my curiosity was turned up a notch. Things really started to become erotic when he started to massage my butt cheeks. He continued massaging my ass for what felt like ten minutes or so.

He softly asked if he should leave the towel on or would it be okay to remove it.

Never in my life have I been shy and by this point what did it matter? There was nothing I could do to hide my erection. He removed the towel and applied more lotion to his hands but he didn’t go straight to my butt, instead he started on my legs and boy did that feel good. Wow, why have I waited so long for this? I should get massaged every week. My masseur opened legs allowing him more access to my sore muscles. Being a good client and feeling horny, I spread them a little wider for ease of range.

By now I was in seventh heaven. I was feeling brave and even a little daring. I couldn’t help but feel a little of an exhibitionist. I knew from where he was standing that he could see how aroused I had grown to become. There was no way he couldn’t see that I was excited.

Never in my life had a man touched me like this. Never in my life had a man turned me on this way! You want to have this wonderful experience like me? Just check on this link I bet you will be glad like me

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