Rob’s story.

The very second Rob received his confirmation text that his booking was confirmed with a Gay Masseur, he felt his dick get hard and his mind start to race. After spending as far as he could remember fantasising about having a mans hands all over his body, it was finally going to be a reality.

Coming from a strict catholic family, Rob had decided at a very young age that he was going to fight his urges to sleep with a guy, and now that he worked on a building site, he couldn’t envision any sign of coming out soon.

Often he watched gay porn and had daily wanks imagining sleeping with his younger building site work colleagues, but that was as far as he had ever gone with a guy.

It was whilst scouring the Manchester lads website that Rob came across Kevin’s massage profile. He often looked at the site tempted to give gay sex a try with one of the hot escorts, but he had never yet built up the courage to actually call and book one of the lads. Having never actually slept with a guy, he wasn’t even sure if he would prefer to be top or bottom, or even if he would be any good in bed!

What attracted him to Kevin’s profile, is that he offered an erotic massage service, rather than full on gay sex. Straight people go for massages all the time, so why not give it a go?

Rob justified going for a gay massage as a sort of taster session, to see if he even got turned on having a guy rub him all over! Maybe he wasn’t gay after all, he would have to try to know for sure, right?

The night before the massage appointment, Rob had barely slept the with excitement. Up at 6am, he got himself well scrubbed and groomed, he wanted to make sure there was nothing in the way of Kevin giving him a good service. He even trimmed his pubes, this was a first.

Whilst in the shower, Rob’s thick long cock was hard again merely at the thought of what the day had in store. He was tempted to wank, but decided to resist, so not to ruin the massage experience later.

When Kevin opened the door, instantly Rob knew that he was going to enjoy the next hour to the maximum. Being sceptical about most things, he had half expected the pictures on Kevin’s profile to be old, or at least over flattering. Wrong. Kevin actually looked better in person!

Together, Rob and Kevin stripped down to nothing. Rob carefully watching what Kevin had to offer, and he liked what he saw. Rob felt relieved that it looked as though Kevin was going to enjoy this experience too, Rob’s cock was fully erect, but Kevin’s cock was somewhere between semi and full on hard, and was a beautiful sight!

Expecting to feel shy or uncomfortable, he was surprised how relaxed and natural he felt. There was no awkwardness to the mutual nakedness, just a manly gym changing room feeling. And boy it felt good.

Lying on the bed face down, he waited with pure sexual tension for his massage service to begin. He felt excited to know what all the fuss was about with having a massage never having one before, but more excited to get a lads hands finally around his now throbbing cock.

Without fuss, Kevin got to work, and for a brief moment Rob forgot that he was here for a gay experience, he was happy just to feel his hard done by muscles being rubbed free of tension and stress. Kevin worked his lower back muscles with a firm pressure that felt amazing, before slowly working his way up the back with strong hands and deep techniques. Ten minutes in, and it was already worth the visit.

After completely de-stressing and rejuvenating the back muscles, Kevin covered Rob’s back with the towel and un-draped the leg and butt area. Rob couldn’t help notice his cock get a tad harder at the thought of his buttocks being exposed, on full show and easily accessible. He was willing to let anything happen.

Kevin began slowly applying oil up and down the legs, adding extra caress on the buttock area. Rob decided at this very moment that he was probably a bottom, he wanted more where that came from.

Although it felt sensual and beneficial having his calf’s worked (he had been running that morning), Rob couldn’t wait for the hands to move higher up the legs, away from the calf’s and towards the glutes.

It was worth the wait, as Kevin worked up the legs his technique became firmer and more determined. Who knew hamstrings could have mini orgasms?

Even though his ass wasn’t being worked on, having the upper legs worked forced Rob to clench his butt cheeks tight, but occasionally he released hoping the hands would slip and reach where he really wanted working.

If the massage had ended right there, Rob would have been happy, but Kevin asked him to turn over, and that is where the fun really began.

Lying back, eyes closes, and with inhibitions truly massaged to a distant memory, Rob’s erection noticeably lifted the towel with the end of his cock peeking out. God he needed to shoot so badly.

Pre-cum seeped out of the end of his penis, but he was past the point of caring now, and he couldn’t help notice that Kevin was in the same boat. Rob felt the urge to suck Kevin’s cock, and the fact he knew he wasn’t allowed to do so as part of this massage service, didn’t help with that desire.

Whilst still enjoying his massage, nervously, Rob grabbed Kevin’s hard cock and slowly started to massage the pre-cum around the end of his cock. Feeling another mans cock in his hand for the first time, his hands explored with fascination. His hands moved up and down, with cum being the natural lubricant.

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