Giles Story

Black guy has his first experience with a man.

Giles did what he had to do. He seduced a middle aged overweight english bird for his ticket to England. It took a few attempts with different desperate women, but he finally managed to convince Wendy that he was genuinely into her despite her awful appearance. After a holiday romance and plenty of cringe worthy letters, he had his ticket to England booked.

Giles had never once considered exploring his love of cock in Gambia. It was literally more than his life was worth. But now that he had a new future in England he was more than ready to finally have his big black cock touched, sucked, and inside a white lad. It was his biggest fantasy.

He had managed to fuck Wendy a few times, struggling to get hard but always managing to thinking about what was at stake. Foolishly, she thought he couldn’t get enough of her disgusting hole.

He had one reliable scene in his head that always worked, five white lads queued up to have a taste of his gambian black, supersized cock. This thought never failed to get him hard enough to get one step closer to freedom.

A few months into his new life in Manchester, he started to explore online how he could make this fantasy a reality. Giles couldn’t risk a relationship with a man until he was married, but he couldn’t wait much longer to give it a go.

He had heard there was a place called canal street where all the gay men hung out, but again this was too risky for the time being.

Giles quickly became part of a small gay African community in Manchester that had all sacrificed their dignity and sexuality to escape the oppressed homelands, he heard from one friend of a gay naked Masseur in Manchester called Kevin that offered an erotic massage service.

He checked out the website and felt instantly sold on the notion. Kevin looked liked one of the guys his imagination had created in his many wanks over white guys, and although he couldn’t really afford it, he knew he was going to visit him soon.

After convincing Jenny he needed some dental work done for the sum of a hundred pounds, he had the cash to go and finally get his monster cock stroked by a white guy!

He booked his appointment on Kevin’s diary, but then nervously cancelled it. Although he was excited for what was in store, when the reality hit, it scared him. He feared the consequences of sleeping with a guy. His gambian roots were still well and truly with him.

A few hours later, after a few beers, he picked up the phone and called the number on the website. He was horny and wanted to see what he was missing. No answer. He then revisited Kev’s pictures and rebooked his appointment. He was having this guys hands on him if it killed him.

The day of the appointment, Wendy was pestering as to when he was having his dental work done. He had enough of this life. He knew he needed some relief from the lie he was living, and he knew exactly where to get it.

Never usually a shy guy, it baffled Giles how nervous he was knocking on Kevin’s door. His knees were literally knocking. His usual confident swagga had been replaced with feeling like a naughty school boy.

Entering Kevin’s house, he was nervous with a flaccid dick, but by the time he got upstairs to where the Massage table was, his dick was big and hard. Harder than ever.

Sensing how nervous this muscled black guy was in front of him, Kevin asked if he wanted a drink or anything to relax before his service, but Giles just nodded that all was ok. Kevin advised him to get face down on the bed and to start taking some deep breathes to relax.

After months of having to force an erection, it felt good to feel his dick genuinely excited for action. It was so hard it actually hurt!

He stripped off to nothing, Kevin was impressed how Giles thick cock peeped over his belly button. Having seen a lot of naked men recently Kevin rarely got shocked at the site of a cock, but Giles was definitely impressive.

Kevin got to work providing Giles with a good body rub, taking his time to work out the knots from Giles muscles. The stress of moving to another country and living a lie had obviously been building up tension in his muscles.

Kevin could see how anxious Giles was to have his cock played with. It was visually pulsing with excitement, so rather than wait until the end of the massage, Kevin got to work on the happy ending, half way through the massage.

Kevin’s pumped some lube into his hands and slowly massaged it around the big black cock. Kevin could barely get his hands around the girth of this monster. Giles closed his eyes and felt pure ecstasy.

Then within seconds of Kevin touching him, he shot what felt like litres of cum all over the place. No!!! Giles though. That can’t be it already!

Embarrassed he apologised to Kevin for shooting so quick, but was assured there was no need to apologise that to shoot so quickly after a massage is very normal, that the build up means people tend to shoot very quick.

Kevin got back to work on the massage part of the service, and it wasn’t long before his embarrassment faded. Kevin was certainly good with them hands!

Giles left feeling a mix of emotions. Still majorly horny for more man on man action, but a little disappointed that he couldn’t have lasted longer.

One thing was for sure though, it was not going to be the last time he lay on Kevin’s massage table.