Big change to the site….

Kevin Massage Male Manchester

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well, and I really appreciate all the messages I have recently saying I have been missed in Manchester. I have now booked by flight to Malaga and will be heading over 13 Nov. I have loved being in Bangkok but I am ready to get back to my spiritual homeland haha!

Changes to the site

I have been operating this site since I left as more as an agency, dealing with all of the admin, client questions and problems etc, making sure all the guys’ diaries are spot on.  I can appreciate you probably think this is an easy part-time task, but I assure you  that it really isn’t. Messages come in constantly all day and it confines me to a desk.

I got into the massage business to escape the trapped to the desk life, so after giving it lots of thought, I have decided to move away from this.

Don’t worry, my site will still be going ahead, but it will now be more of a directory for massage guys, rather than me running it.

It is looking like all the current guys on the site will be staying on board (as my site gets them loads of work) – but they will now be completely independent and I won’t be getting involved in any of the admin stuff, you will be dealing with them directly.

This will obviously mean lots less money for me, but that will be compensated by giving me free time to do what I love, and that is to provide massage and not be admin bitch hehe.

It will also mean I have time to write a weekly blog post again, to get the site to grow and grow and hopefully gain lots more profiles and guys across the whole of the UK.

If you visit any masseurs that are not on the site, tell them to sign up, we really are the place to be!

It will start next week so feel free to contact me until then, but from next week all your communication will be with the guys.