Ahmed & Eric

Wealthy Saudi Oil Mogal gets the Gay Massage of his Life in London!

When Eric got the call from his gay massage agency for an appointment in one of the richest neighbourhoods in London, he hadn’t know what to expect or who he’d be massaging. He took the lift to the penthouse suite and walked into a huge room, all white and chrome. Too modern for his English sensibilities but he could see the appeal. The entire space smelt like money he wouldn’t even think about getting in this lifetime. 

Eric was shown in by a personal assistant who dipped his head in greeting and barely said a word besides confirming his identity. Finally after a bunch of security points, where they asked him to put his mobile and wallet into a safety deposit box, the personal assistant dipped out of the room, no goodbye pleasantries. 

“Guess he had places to be.” Eric muttered. 

He moved over to the already set and ready massage table. The table was just as luxurious as the rest of the apartment, soft and silky too, Eric felt embarrassed about the cheap primark towels he had in his bag ready for the service. He put the bottles of massage oil into a heated pouch just as the most beautiful man he’d ever laid eyes on walked into the room. 

Eric gasped at the sight of him. He was tall, broad shouldered with ink black hair that skin that looked like it would be heaven to touch. His brown eyes were warm, so warm that when they lit up with a smile, Eric felt himself melt into a puddle of pure lust. He wanted him. Eric wanted right now to rip off immediately least the plush robe he was wearing. 

The man grinned as if he knew Eric’s thoughts. Eric felt his cock stiffening at the sight, for the first time in weeks, he was glad to be with a client. 

“My name is Ahmad. Are you ready to begin?” He asked in the most delicious but unrecognisable accent. 

“Where are you from?” Eric asked before he could help himself. Ahmad merely grinned seeming to enjoy the attention and attraction Eric was stuttering through. 

 “I’m only in London for a meeting with some People at Shell. I always get a Gay masssage when in London” He answered by avoiding the actual question. 

Ah oil. That explained the oodles of cash, Eric mused. Ahmad pulled off his robe and Eric’s mouth went dry. He laid down on the table, all smooth muscles ran flesh and Eric prepped his hands to touch him. Once his hands were coated in the lavender smelling oil, he began the massage. Softly, slowly, he drifted his hands to the soles of Ahmad’s feet. Eric was shocked at the callouses he felt but he smoothed then over, working in small circles around the arch of Ahmad’s feet. His hands heated with the slick heat of the oil, Ahmad’s skin heated under his touch as the man groaned on the table and relaxed. 

Eric moved higher. His fingers slicked against the broadness of Ahmad’s back, thick and corded with muscles. As his hands moved over smooth skin, Ahmad’s muscles bunched, loosened under his touch. Eric’s mouth watered at the smooth expanse of skin. Beautifully taut, hard planes of his back that glistened in the light. Eric struggled with himself. He shouldn’t have loved touching him as much as he did. His cock tightened in the loose slacks he wore as Ahmad writhed underneath him. Was Ahmad as turned on as he was? Eric knew there was only one way to find out. 

Eric moved over Ahmad’s firm ass cheeks. The oil had heated up perfectly. He began to knead. 

“Fuck!” Ahmad hissed as Eric’s fingers pushed his sore muscles as expertly as possible. Eric swallowed. Ahmad liked it. Could he get even bolder? His dick jerked even harder at the touch. 

One illicit touch but  he wanted more. His oiled hands slid between Ahmad’s butt cheeks. Eric slowly parted the firm cheeks, noting distantly how well they fit into his palm.  He began to grind his cloth covered dick into the side of the table, biting back groans as he snuck a look between Ahmad’s ass cheeks. 

Eric’s mouth watered. Ahmad’s rosebud was a dusky rose that was puckered tightly, so small and closed. Hands moved of their own accord, sliding between the cheeks, brushing the rim.

Eric began a sensuous kneading of Ahmad’s asshole. He waited to be asked to stop, but Ahmad just rolled his hips off the bed to give Eric better access. 

“Yes. Massage every inch of my ass. Every inch!” Ahmad ordered. 

Eric eagerly obeyed. How could he refuse? His fingers found the tightness of Ahmad’s hole too irresistible. He slowly began to bury his fingers in the hot tight hole. First finger, second finger until all he could imagine was choking his dick in such a tight hole, pounding it in there and fucking Ahmad hard. 

Eric ground his hips down, hissing in pleasure as the cloth of his pants brushed against his sensitive cock. He couldn’t take it anymore. He needed some relief. 

“Turn over.” Eric asked. 

Ahmad flipped over on the massage table. His cock was hard and dripping precum.  Eric leaned into the table until his mouth circled around the head of Ahmad’s cock. He moaned around the length as the man thrust into his mouth groaning his name. 

“Get on the fucking table masseur. I insisted on your services with the agency because I knew the minute I saw your face that today I will suck your cock .” Ahmad moaned. It sounded like an order. 

Eric let go of Ahmad’s huge arab cock and pulled down his pants before taking off his shirt. He wasn’t nearly as hung as Ahmad, but with how hard he was, it hardly mattered. Eric spread his legs, straddling over Ahmad’s face. As he slurped on Ahmad’s cock, the man pulled his own cock deep into his throat. Eric felt his eyes roll back and let out a muffled moan. Fuck! It was so good. 

He wrapped his tongue around Ahmad’s cock, deep throating the fat beauty, whilst letting Ahmad thrust mindlessly into his throat. He fucked Ahmad’s face just as deeply as Ahmad fucked his face. The taste of wealthy cock filling his mouth, amongst a heady combination of massage oils and the moans of the man he was pleasuring began to drive him crazy. 

Eric was a seething mass of pure lust. His balls tightened with the need to cum hard. He knew he was going to, he sucked Ahmad’s cock deeply, faster and faster as he groaned his pleasure. Just as Ahmad’s cock began to spurt his tasty cream in Eric’s mouth, Eric groaned as the biggest climax rippled through his body and spilled from his cock into Ahmad’s greedily sucking mouth. 

Written by KevinGay Massage Manchester – Photo Credit blog.asiatown.net

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