10 nuggets discovered from being a gay escort in Bangkok

My 10 observations of being a gay escort guy in Bangkok.

**original posted whilst in Bangkok, but a client wisely informed me best to remove until I had finished my stint**

I have been here working as an escort in Bangkok now for 3 months, it has flown by. In the UK I only offered Naturist Massage, and I was hoping to do that here, but when people can get a massage on any street corner for a fiver there just isn’t the demand for massage, so I have been working as an escort but still very massage based.


I thought I would share with you 10 little things that have come into my little brain whilst here.



  • Thai Wealth



Having been to Thailand many times, I have had a general conception of it being a poor country, not quite to third world extent (like some that I have visited such as Gambia and Kenya ) – but certainly a poor place.


When you come here as a tourist, you mainly encounter hotel workers (that get paid an average of £200 per month for shit loads of hours), street food sellers selling you a meal for 50p you would be happy to pay £10 for at home. A taxis cost a quid for a 2 mile journey (that due to traffic takes three years). You get a general“I feel bad for poor sods in Thailand” impression. As a tourist, it feels a country desperate for your pound.


But when you are here in Bangkok as an escort, you really see the different side to the Thai wealth. There is a lot of rich fuckers here too.  I have met Thai’s as clients that have never used the public transport system in their life, and was curious to how much it cost. I have had a Thai client that fell out with his mum so she paid for him to stay in a £500 suite per night for months so not to have him in the family home. I’ve been to Thai mansions that have absolutely blown my mind in terms of design and wow factor.


So yes, Thailand has its poor side, that you really cannot ignore as a tourist, but trust me, there is shit loads of money here too. Just a very unfair wealth distribution like many countries.



  • Thai Rich Kids



Whilst I am on the subject of Thai wealth, I’ve been lucky in 4 years of massaging and escorting that I have never had anything but respect and appreciation from my clients.


Unfortunately, here I have discovered a type of client I don’t like, and it is Thai rich kids.


I’ve had many bookings from very young (18-23) Thai lads – that come from rich backgrounds and live off mummy and daddy, and strangely, have all been to boarding school in the UK.,


They have been the first “genre” of client that ever to make me feel a bit shit about what I do.


I can’t say they have been horrendously horrible, but. I suppose I have (and hopefully most escorts have been), lucky that clients usually treat you exceptionally well. I don’t expect to be pampered, I am there to provide a service, and I am always happy for the level of communication to reflect the clients needs. Some clients prefer to get to know you a little, other straight to business. but there is a polite way to refer to this preference.


I have found all (not even just some) – of these young Thai lads paying for my service, to have a huge “I can’t be arsed with pleasantries don’t speak to me” vibe. I’m a total open minded guy that loves all cultures and people, and I hate to generalise, but it has literally been the case with all young rich thai kids, that I feel like a piece of meat – and in 4 years of doing this job before coming here,  that has happened previously less than 3 times.


it is only with the young thai lads I have had – all the maturer ones have been lovely and respectful.



  • I LOVE HONG KONG clients



One of the major benefits of being an escort in such an international city, is that you get to meet so many different people and cultures. I have had 20+ clients from Hong Kong, and I can honestly say they have all been amazing.


They have all treated me so welcoming and respectfully, had great interesting and open conversation, and been majorly appreciate of the service.


If it wasn’t for the fact I really didn’t like Hong Kong when I visited, I would seriously consider moving there just for how easy the clients are.


They never ever tip, but I forgive them for this for being so lovely (true to form its the yanks that tip big).



  • Hotel prices are fucked up



I have a weird thing I like to do, and that’s when I get a booking to see if I cost more for my hour than they have paid for their room for the night. Weirdo I know.  The local young Thais literally all book the same hotel (dive) called the Embassy Sathorn – its funny how predictable it is, if I’m told that’s the location I know its a young thai lad – they don’t stay they just use for the fun and go back to mum and dads posh pad.


But, I have got to see loads of amazing hotels in Bangkok. The prices are all so fucked up though – I see rooms that are crap for £200 a night and then others that are outstanding for £100.


I thought I Might as well give you a little guide to where to book in case you are thinking to visit yourself. A few affiliate links too incase this post ranks well with google (haha).

You Want Funky?


W Hotel  This is where the cool kidz go, funky as fuck, – I didn’t want to go to my clients room and instead dance in the lobby bar playing literally tune after tune full blast.




You want to feel like a king?


St Regis-  I used to be a travel agent so visited hotels as a job, and as such, very rarely I feel an OMG factor when I go to a hotel, but I did here. I usually hate traditional stylish and prefer a more modern hotel vibe, but this hotel is just special to the core. Direct access from the hotel to the Skytrain and the best rooms in the city that I have seen.




You want luxury on the cheap?


Avani Atrium – You can book this hotel for like £50 a night, and if you upgrade to a Delux room, I swear it’s as nice as most of the £200 a night rooms. Location is not walking distance to anything but it is still very central so just jump in the cheap taxis.




You want Gay?


So Sofitel Located one stop from Silom the main gay zone.


After my client I went to have look at the pool, and a hot arab asked if I wanted to join him naked, Enough said.


Another client took me for meal at their Red Oven restaurant and it was tasty fucking grub.




You want a good location and affordable quality?


Le Meridien – its a bit upper mid-range bog standard for me,  but if you were in Bangkok for the first time and wanted a high standard room, in a good spot with loads on your doorstep – this is the one for you.





  • A hot memory can get you hard every time you think of it for life.


In my first month,  I had a client, that was a Rugby player – he asked me to stroke by his cock but not to wank or do anything sexual, and to not make him come. It killed be to oblige.


He was my dream man.


Now, if I even just step foot back in the hotel where he was, I get a boner. If I think of his face I get a boner.


I will treasure that hour for life.



  • It’s nice to be nice.



Thai people are so smiley and nice, people in Malaga are going to think I’m a fucking nutjob because I have become so accustomed to just being smiley with passing strangers.


And I love the culture of being so smiley and nice – but Thai culture of “saving face” and always being like that, makes it hard to know who is genuinely nice, and who is just being Thai.


Thai people will always be courteous. They never shout,  tell you to fuck off , call ya mam a slag……they just won’t. It is in their culture to always be courteous.


And this is a good thing. Unless you are pissed off about something and want more than a smile and “that’s how it is” answer.I really respect and love the non-aggressiveness of Thai culture, and I like to calmy solve my issues, but when you are speaking to a smiling brick wall about a problem or disagreement that is crucial to your life or finance, its SOOOO fucking annoying.



  • Eating out every day becomes a fucking chore.



I’ve always loved Thai food – it was always one of the major draws for me coming here as  a tourist in the past. I like tasty spicy flavorsome food. Thai food is flavoured to fuck. With Chili, Sugar, MSG, Salt…so whilst usually full of veg….it ain’t healthy. And I’m a total hypocrite because I’m not a health nut, I love beer and long island ice teas, but I make a big effort to eat healthy (it keeps me with my immune of steel).


My first month here, I ate out for every meal. To do this in the UK you would need to be pretty rich, here, you can eat a 2 course delicious meal out for less than £2. It was idyllic, I was living the dream eating out and trying new foods daily.


But like everything in life, there is always too much of a good thing. I got bored of having to leave the comfort of my home to have satisfy the need to eat. Whilst I often get to eat out with the odd client or friendly local, I have to eat 4 times a day so often means eating out alone.


Eating in a restaurant solo you, start to feel a bit of a loner. And this isn’t because you are the odd one out, in most bars and restaurants in Thailand there are usually more solo white males eating than there are couples/groups. It’s a city of lost white souls.


So then, I started to have my meals delivered daily. For £50 a week I got a guy to bring me 4 meals ready made every morning They were really tasty fucking meals. But it totally started to feel like Groundhog Day, opening my delivered meal to microwave and eat. It drove me mad.


So I have gone back to eating out, but I REALLY REALLY MISS cooking and making my nice food that I know what is in it.


The eating culture is so different here,most Thai just don’t cook, or even have a kitchen. They are not as routine as us with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner,  they tend to just buy street food, eat in food courts, and eat as they go when they get hungry- totally different eating culture. Which in theory I like (coz I am lazy) – but it’s made me realise how much I love cooking and making my own meals.



  • Your Dick Preferences Change.



When in Manchester I will openly admit that I wouldn’t have looked at  a Thai guy twice. It’s not a racist thing, I have no racial bias, or if any, I wish I was black, but I just would never usually fancy a Thai guy, they just wasn’t to my liking.


After 3 months here my head is spinning at the locals. Its crazy. You must just adapt to your  surroundings. Now I totally want to fuck the brains out of many locals that I pass in my day to day life. (and hands up I have a fair few, for free).


You probably don’t,  but I find this discovery really interesting. It just shows how sexual desire is more motivated by what is potentially on offer, rather than what you think your preferences are. It brings it back down to human instinct to procreate (nature forget to tell your brain bums don’t make babies).



  • Solitude soothes the soul



Before coming to Bangkok I had some fall outs with  long time acquaintances. It was a needed therapy, sometimes you need to make big changes to grow. And it worked and I have grown a lot my time here.


I spend a lot of time alone here in Bangkok, and I love it.


It is a big misconception that people that like to spend a lot of time alone are lonely. My (ex) best friend used to tell me, I needed to stop being so solitude. I am not unsociable – but I am just a personal that likes my own space, most of the time.


I really love meeting new people too, but I’m an introvert that needs me time.

I am sure many of my clients are reading this, and they found me to be a chatty and outgoing person, and I am, but I need my solitude, and Bangkok has provided this.


I am going to use the fucking cliche, but I think I have found myself here in Bangkok. I no longer feel ashamed to like to be alone like I used to. People are just different.


I love to chat. I love to talk. I love to form relationships with new people. But I was born with a personality that needs a lot of alone time. And rather than be ashamed of that, I will now just take it as my personality trait -and  so many beautiful souls have accepted me for who I am, so why should I change?



  • I want a Thai son



I have never wanted children in my life. I love my nieces to bits but hate all other children. Sorry friends with children.


But Thai kids are just adorable and well behaved. Go to any UK Tesco and within 10 minutes you will see screaming brats crying and shouting and being cunts.


In 3 months I haven’t seen a Thai kid being a brat.Not once. Seriously.


I don’t have much more to say as its never gonna happen (don’t think ladyboys get preggers?) – but if I could have one of these nice well behaved kids I would defo consider it.

**** I will proof read later and sort the typos just thought I would share, off for my daily massage – living the dream bitches xx**